Prof. Dr. Lucio Frydman

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

We have recently introduced a number of approaches that can lead to sizable enhancements in cross-peaks arising between exchangeable and non-exchangeable protons in crucial homonuclear experiments like NOESY or TOCSY. These enhancements are particularly strong for intrinsically disordered proteins, for polysaccharides, for the rapidly exchanging imino protons in RNAs, as well as for the ubiquitous 2’-OH groups in nucleic acids. We have recently observed that these sensitivity enhancements can lead to ≥500-fold reductions in the effective acquisition times involved in observing NOE-derived cross-peaks, when targeting small RNAs synthesized by our Frankfurt partners. These signal-enhancing avenues should also operate when assaying the binding of small molecules to larger constructs –where the dynamic on/off effects of the binding take the role previously taken by the exchange of the labile protons. The advantages of these new experiments maximize at ultrahigh fields, and could find use in establishing intra- and inter-molecular interactions in connection to the Covid-19 components.