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A joint venture project to fight Corona.






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New Protein Assignments Online

This week two new protein assignments were finished. Nsp7, a co-factor of the RNA synthesis machinery, was assigned by Katherine Henzler-Wildman and team from UW-Madison (NMRFAM), Madison, WI, USA. The N-terminal SUD of Nsp3c was assigned by Georgios Spyroulias and team from University of Patras, Greece.

Next Meeting

The next global Covid19-NMR Meeting (online) will take place next Tuesday September 22nd 2020 at 5 pm CEST Everyone is invited to present their recent results. Please send us a tentative title if you wish to present ( Looking forward to see you! The Covid19-NMR Core Team

New Talk Online

Last week members of the Covid19-NMR project had the chance to present their work in a talk at the seminar: “Emerging Topics in Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance” This weekly online seminar is organized by Loren Andreas, Stefan Glöggler, Christian Griesinger, Mei Hong, Óscar Millet, Arthur G. Palmer and Markus Zweckstetter and presents frontier research in magnetic […]