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A joint venture project to fight Corona.






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Falling in love with Magnetic Resonance

With their initiative Make Magnetic Resonance more relevant Bruker highlights the versatile application of Magnetic Resonance in scientific research: “Magnetic Resonance (..) offers the opportunity to study living cells and tissues as well as provides detailed analysis of molecular solutions and body fluids”. In the section Falling in love with MR researchers explain how they […]

New COVID19-NMR video

One year after the COVID19-NMR project started, Bruker released a new information video about the consortium in the framework of their “Make Magnetic Resonance more relevant” initiative. Members of the international COVID19-NMR consortium were interviewed on the unique collaborative effort of the project and how open science principles contribute to combating diseases such as SARS-CoV2. […]

Update on the Project Progress

One year after the COVID19-NMR project started we can look back at the huge progress we have made in characterizing the SARS-CoV-2 RNAs and proteins by NMR spectroscopy. 218 researchers from 17 different countries worked together and developed purification protocols for large-scale synthesis and made over 30 BMRB entries. In total, 43 of the RNA […]