Dr. Xavier Hanoulle

CNRS - Institut Pasteur de Lille - University Lille, Lille, France

X. Hanoulle, a protein biochemist and structural biologist, is senior scientist at CNRS in the Integrative Structural Biology lab (ERL9002 CNRS), which is involved in the French national network of high field NMR facilities (FR3050 CNRS, https://www.ir-rmn.fr/en/).

Our team investigates structural basis and molecular mechanisms underlying protein biological functions, and the impact of their deregulation in human diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, cancers and viral infections.

At the heart of our work are biophysical multidisciplinary methods for characterizing the structure of proteins, as well as the interactions between them, such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy.

Our research is essentially fundamental, but we remain attentive to its application to the development of new therapeutic approaches, the evaluation of the therapeutic potential of various compounds from small molecules to nanobodies (very small antibodies), and the study of the mode of action of bioactive molecules.