Dr. Julian D. Langer

MPI of Biophysics and MPI for Brain Research, Frankfurt

My lab specializes in the development of workflows, methods and instruments to address specific questions in structural, molecular and neuro-biology, including bottom-up and top-down proteomics, proteome turnover and metabolic labeling, HDX-MS and MS-Imaging. We are co-funded by the MPIs for Biophysics and Brain Research and operate 8 mass spectrometers, including Orbitrap Eclipse, Fusion Lumos, Rapiflex and Synapt G2-Si instruments.
In this consortium, we will provide complementary expertise to NMR studies: target protein identification and characterization, PTM analyses and HDX-MS to identify ligand binding sites and study conformational changes upon ligand binding.
Julian Langer (h-index: 23) has authored >58 peer-reviewed publications.