Dr. José Gallego

Universidad Católica de Valencia, Spain

The research in my laboratory is focused on the study of functional RNA structures and on RNA-targeted drug discovery. To achieve these goals we use a wide variety of biochemical, biophysical and computational techniques, and among them NMR spectroscopy is our main source of structural data. In the area of RNA structure and function, we have studied or are studying RNA elements present in eukaryotic sequences and several pathogenic viruses including HIV-1, hepatitis C virus, transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus and more lately chikungunya virus. Regarding antiviral drug discovery we have designed and characterized terphenylene mimics of protein α-helices that inhibit the function of the HIV-1 protein Rev and block viral replication, have identified HIV-1 RNA biogenesis inhibitors through Rev-based screens, and are currently working on additional viral targets.