Dr. Douglas V. Laurents

IQFR, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Douglas Laurents was trained in protein stability and folding by Prof. C.N. Pace (B.S., Texas A&M) and Prof. R. L. Baldwin & Prof. M. Levitt (Ph.D., Stanford).  Since 1997, he has specialized in NMR Spectroscopy applied to studying protein oligomerization, amyloid formation, IDPs and polyproline II helices. Dr. Miguel Mompeán is a young tenure-track scientist with expertise in photo-CIDNP NMR, liquid- and solid-state NMR and computational chemistry. Dr. David Pantoja-Uceda is an expert in NMR instrumentation, pulse sequences, relaxation and data analysis.  Dr. Miguel Treviño has great expertise in molecular cloning, protein expression and purification.