Dr. Anja Böckmann

University Lyon (MMSB CNRS), France

The main interest of the Protein Solid-State NMR group at the Molecular Microbiology and Structural Biochemistry Unit (MMSB) is to develop biochemistry and NMR approaches to investigate protein structure and dynamics and their application to biological systems. We are particularly interested in understanding different conformations proteins adopt, and the interactions they engage as a function of these different situations. We thus design NMR samples using different conditions or interactants which mimic as closely as possible the different functional states. In this context, we study viral, bacterial and human proteins and protein assemblies. Young team members, notably Dr. Lauriane Lecoq, a CNRS researcher and NMR specialist, and Dr. Marie-Laure Fogeron, a CNRS engineer and expert in cell-free protein synthesis, as well as our collaboration with the group of Prof. Beat H. Meier at ETH Zurich, are central in the projects we currently develop on SARS-CoV-2 proteins.